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Pink 22" or 18" Glass Hookah Shisha

Pink 22" or 18" Glass Hookah Shisha

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Crystalized Hookah pipe. Comes with a metal shaft with 2 auto hose adapters, 2 washable hoses, an etched glass base, a ceramic bowl, metal ashtray, metal tongs & poker, a downstem, and rubber grommets. This is a complete hookah pipe setup.

Use as single or multiple hoses at once. The auto hose adapters will automatically plug or unplug air hole.


1 - Metal shaft w/ 2 auto hose adapters
2 - Washable hoses (5 ft each)
1 - Etched glass base
1 - Ceramic bowl
1 - Metal ashtray
1 - Metal tongs & poker
1 - Downstem
4 - Rubber grommets (1 bowl, 1 base/shaft, 2 hose adapters)


Color - Pink
Auto hose adapter

Travel case included with 22" ONLY


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